Losing Weight And Staying Toned

If you are looking at losing weight and staying toned this summer you'll need to ensure you are eating the right foods.
Did you know that weight loss is considered to be 75% diet and only 25% excersise.
Unfortunately, most people don't focus enough on their diet and become despondent when their exercising doesn't provide the results they desire.
With this in mind, I thought I'd share with you some of the best foods that will help you maintain muscle mass and lose body fat.
Lean protein.
Proteins such as chicken and turkey, salmon, tuna, eggs, beans, legumes, and quinoa are all excellent sources of protein that will keep you feeling full longer. Protein snacks like cottage cheese, avocado, nuts, and natural yogurt can also be added throughout the day. When you start snacking on protein instead of foods high in cards you'll find that you lose weight faster. If you are training with resistance weight and are looking at losing weight and staying toned it is important you get plenty of protein in your diet.
Did you know that studies have shown that eating the exact same food turned into a soup as opposed to solid leaves you feeling full longer! If you're looking to lose some weight why not try incorporating soups into your diet.
Chilli pepper.
Eating chili peppers can also assist you in weight loss. Recent studies have shown that substances that contain capsaicin reduce appetite and increase fat burning in individuals.
One fruit that deserves a mention is Grapefruit. A 12-week study in 91 obese individuals held by J Med Food revalued that eating half a grapefruit 30 mins before a meal resulted in an average weight loss of 3.5 pounds for each individual. This is because eating grapefruit helps you feel more satiated and therefore you eat fewer overall calories. The enzymes found in grapefruits also help burn fat.
Chia Seeds.
This superfood is packed full of fiber which will keep you feeling full for longer and prevent overeating. Eating foods high in fiber has been linked to weight loss and a reduction in fat. The fiber in chia seeds also promotes digestion and bowel regularity.
The above foods will help you in your quest of losing weight and staying toned. Please let us know in the comments section how you get on.