Can I Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet?

This article looks to answer the question Can I lose weight on the Paleo Diet?

Due to the poor lifestyle, both the young and old people have developed different conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. This is because many people today use processed foods like sugar, legumes, and dairy among others. To stay healthy and strong, it is time that you now adapt to the Paleo diet. This is a very healthy diet that doesn’t include the processed foods and dairy among others.

What is Paleo Diet and Can I lose weight on the Paleo Diet?

This is a diet that provides a dietary plan, which was eaten during the Paleolithic period. The diet was developed in Colorado State University by Loren Cordain in the 1970s. The diet recommends that you should eat like the caveman. With this, it provides specific foods that you should and shouldn’t eat. The diet has been recommended by different health experts as it keeps the body safe from conditions like obesity and diabetes.

The Paleo Diet Meal Plan   The diet recommends different healthy foods that comprise both high-carb and low carb diets. Due to this, one can always choose the ideal food that will suit you better. Below are some of the basics of the paleo meal plan.

Eggs – You can always select from the pastured, omega-3 enriched and free range eggs   Vegetables– The diet recommends a wide range of vegetables like; kales, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli.

Seafood and Fish – You also get the chance to enjoy a wide range of fish and seafood like; salmon, shellfish, haddock, trout, and shrimp.

Meat – It also recommends that you can eat a wide range of meat like the pork, turkey, lamb, chicken, and beef.

Seeds and Nuts – Both nuts and seeds are also included in the paleo meal plan. Some of the nuts and seeds recommended include; macadamia nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, and hazelnuts.

Tubers –Additionally, you are also advised to dish on the tubers like; sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, and much more.

Fruits – The fruits form part of this healthy diet. It recommends a wide range of fruits like; avocados, strawberries, apples, oranges, and pears.

Foods Not to Eat on the Paleo Diet   Besides recommending a wide range of foods, the paleo meal also restricts you from eating a wide range of foods like;

Grains – The diet prohibits you from eating grains like the spelt, barley, wheat, pasta, and bread.

Dairy – You also need to keep off from dairy foods mostly those with the low-fat.

Trans Fats – It is also vital that you don’t include the trans-fats like those found in margarine and other processed foods. They are also referred to as the hydrogenated oils.

Sugar –The sugary foods are known as some of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes. This is why the paleo diet doesn’t include sugary foods like; candy, pastries, table sugar, fruit juices, soft drinks, and ice cream among others.

Legumes – The legume foods like lentils and beans are other foods that you need to avoid when using the paleo diet.

Some Vegetable Oils – It also restricts the use of certain vegetable oils like; sunflower oil, soybean oil, and corn oil. You should also avoid the grape-seed oil and cottonseed oil.

Processed Foods – Any food, which has been labeled “low fat” or “diet” always contains different additives and artificial meal replacements; hence should be avoided.

Artificial Sweeteners – There are different artificial sweeteners like; saccharin, acesulfame, cyclamates, and aspartame that you should never include in your meals.

Benefits of Paleo Diet

Since the diet comprises of only healthy foods, you will definitely enjoy a wide range of benefits when you stick to the diet.

No chemicals, Additives, and Preservatives. By following the paleo diet plan, you will never introduce things like additives and chemicals in the body. This brings about a healthy and strong body, which is resistant to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Due to this, you will always remain safe just like Jack Osbourne who decided to follow the paleo diet after being diagnosed multiple times back in 2012. The diet has enabled him to manage the disease perfectly.

Keeps the Body Slim and Toned   Due to lack of fats and sugar in the paleo diet, it will prevent the body from building up the unwanted body fats. Through this, you will get a slimmer and toned body that most people wish to gain. One example of a celeb that has attained the toned body by using the paleo diet is Jessica Biel. She says that through the use of this diet and doing the CrossFit workouts, she has finally got a toned body she always wanted.

Aids in Weight Loss   Due to the limited food choice provided in the paleo diet, it is easier for one to lose the unwanted body fats. The diet provides you with very healthy meals free from calories and hydrogenated fats. This implies that the body breaks down the accumulated fats in the body and with none being introduced; you get to lose a lot of weight.

Matthew McConaughey is another celeb who uses the Paleo diet and through this, he has easily got rid of the processed and grains foods. The actor has always spoken highly of the diet when asked does paleo diet really work?

Anti-inflammatory Benefits   Since the fruits and vegetables form part of the paleo diet plan, you will always enjoy a wide range inflammatory benefits. This is by getting the required plats nutrients from vegetables and fruits. This keeps the body resistant to the inflammatory bowel disease.

Miley Cyrus, who has always been rumored to be gluten-free, has found the paleo diet to be a perfect diet. It has enabled her to get into shape, improved skin, and enhanced physical and mental health.

Paleo Recipes   When you wish to get started with the paleo diet, there are different paleo recipes that you can always choose from. Some of the main recipes include;

Simple grilled lamb chops   Mango-bacon butternut squash, Juicy roasted chicken, Salmon stuffed avocados, Slow cooked mushrooms, Maples glazed veggies, Turmeric apple cider, Cranberry orange relish, Broiled Brussels sprouts with bacon, Swedish style meatballs, Korean beef short ribs.

What are the cons of the paleo diet?

The paleo diet is all you need when you wish to stay healthy and strong. It is a very healthy diet that prohibits you from eating unhealthy foods like processed foods, sweetened foods, sugary foods, and grains among others. It recommends you to eat like the caveman; hence you don’t introduce additives, preservatives, and chemicals in the body. This will aid in weight loss, prevents diabetes, and obesity among others; hence the best diet to try out. Due to its unlimited benefits, it has been recommended by different celebs and doctors worldwide. If you've ever asked the question can I lose weight on the Paleo Diet you now no the answer. 

If you think that this diet would be good for you can get some recipes and cookbooks below.

Written by: waithirah