Celebrities That Love Yoga

It's not just us 'normal folk' that use Yoga to balance our busy lives and keep active.

It seems that more and more celebrities are now using yoga to keep up with their personal fitness regime as well as keeping themselves looking good.

Below we've provided a list of some of our favorite celebrities that are known to practice Yoga.

Nicole has been using Yoga to keep herself looking fabulous for years. She is a true Yoga pro in every sense of the world and can often be seen on holiday practicing Yoga. One look online and you'll come across plenty of pics of her showing of her Yoga skills.

Jessica Biel uses Yoga to connect with herself and started using it in her early 20's.

Vanessa puts her youthful looks and toned body down to her Yoga sessions. She refers to Yoga as her therapy and shes Yoga helps her stay focused in life.

She is known in Hollywood to be a keen runner, but now Reese has started using Yoga as a way to de-stress and keep herself flexible.

Beyonce puts her fantastic body down to her regular Yoga workouts and not her genetics!

Known for his incredible physique, Matthew McConaughey puts his great body down to his fitness regime which includes regular Yoga.

The actress says she stays looking young by doing intensive workouts in the morning which involve spin, climbing, interval training, and Yoga.

Can you believe that this man is 65? It's hard to believe, but the actor puts it all down to his years of dedication to Yoga.

Kaley is known in the industry of one of the most dedicated Yoga enthusiasts in Hollywood. Her fantastic body is evidence of this.

This man has the type of body that all men crave for. Very lean, yet still packing muscle. The Singer has his very own Yoga coaches that develope his own Yoga poses that tone his body and improve his strength.

Did you know that Kate Hudson is so dedicated to her Yoga that she kept up regular session right the way through her pregnancy up until her birth!

If that isn't a sign of dedication I don't know what is.

The ex-football player was introduced to Yoga by his personal trainer, Shona Virtue. He is said to love the practice and uses it as part of his strict fitness regime.