Common Health And Fitness Questions Asked By Women

1. Do I need a personal trainer to get fit and to lose weight?
In one word no. Don’t be fooled by the endless advertisements, commercials and promotions out there these days. Sure, having a personal trainer can be a great thing. They can inspire you to push through challenging times, show you how to follow a diet plan and introduce you to new exercises, but losing weight and getting yourself fit can be achieved by yourself. Getting yourself registered at a gym, deciding to train with a friend who will push you and deciding to improve your diet are all decisions well within your grasp that can change your life!

2. Is dieting the best way to achieve long term fat loss?
In our view, the answer is no. A diet is just that. A diet. They’re not designed to be used permanently and the most effective way at losing weight and keeping it off over the long term is to change your eating habits and incorporate a balanced nutritional diet. That way you’re less likely to fluctuate in weight. Countless people have been drawn into the latest diets and achieved weight loss, but haven’t changed their poor eating habits which meant they put all the weight back on that they lost. If you are still interested in finding good dieting options you can learn more here about The Two Week Diet and The Keto Diet.

3. How many times should I train each week?
We know how hard it can be to make time to exercise, but we can’t stress the importance of training at least three times per week. Research has shown that exercising less than three times each week will only result in a low level of fitness gained. Exercising at least three times each week will help you build fitness levels overtime, which will mean that you’ll be able to train harder and longer next time! Which of course mean more calories burnt off!

4. How long should my training sessions last?
Aim to train for around 45-60 minutes each time you do a cardio session with a mixture of high intensity and low intensity bouts. Each time you participate in a high intensity bout of exercise try to make it last for at least 20 to 90 seconds. That way you’ll build up your bodies endurance and burn calories faster. Remember the more intense your workouts the more your body burns fat!

5. What are the best exercises to burn fat?
High intensity workouts such as star jumps, Press-ups, Planks, Boxercise classes, Sprints, Spin classes, Skipping, Circuit training, Burpies and using the rowing machine. Any activity that increases your heart rate to 70-90% of its maximum capacity can be classified as a high intensity activity. Be aware if you’re new to this form of training it will take it out of you at first, but you’ll reap the benefits in the long run.

6. Should I train with weights as well? I don’t want to get bulky
Undertaking cardio and lifting weights is the perfect combo to lose weight and shape your body. Lifting low resistance weights 2 times per week will not make you bulky or stocky. Regular resistance training will improve your strength and stamina, decrease your risk of injury, increase your confidence and make you look sexier.