Different weight loss supplements and how each of them work

Different weight loss supplements and how each of them work.

Nowadays with the weight loss industry being as big as it’s ever been there are no shortage of weight loss products out there on the market to choose form. Although having a wide range of products to choose from isn’t necessary a bad thing, it can make finding the right weight loss product for your own personal needs tricky.

The human body’s genetic makeup differs from each individual.  What works well for one person may well be ineffective for another.

With this in mind we’ve decided to provide a review of the top weight loss products out there on the market at the moment.

Red Tea (Rooibos)

Originating from South Africa, Red Tea has been used for centuries in South Africa for a wide range of health benefits. It is packed with over 50 percent more antioxidants than green tea and has a natural sweet taste making it a perfect replacement for sugary snacks which are high in calories. The average cup of red tea only contains around 8 calories. When drank regularly it also improves sleep, works for anti inflammatory purposes, helps with heart disease, reduces blood cholesterol and helps combat diabetes.

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Kou Tea

Kou Tea is made with a blend of 4 different types of teas which are listed below:
Green Tea – This has been used for centuries to speed up the body’s metabolism and aid fat loss
Oolong Tea-  This has been shown to promote fat loss and reduce blood sugar in the body
Pu-erh Tea –This has been shown to reduce the body’s cholesterol and stop food cravings
White Tea – Full of antioxidants and shown to reduce fat storage and promote fat loss in the body

Kou Tea is a completely natural healthy tea with very few side effects. The only side effect that has been reported and this is rare is that some people can find it difficult to sleep when the tea is drunk late at night. Kou Tea is more popular for people who want to lose weight without taking diet pills.

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Keto Kara

Keto Kara is a weight loss supplement that works by inducing the state of Ketosis in the body.
When we eat on a day to day basis our body burns carbs to provide adequate energy for everyday survival.  However, when Keto Kara is taken on a consistent basis the body is induced into a Ketosis state which means it burns the body’s stored fat instead of carbs for energy.
Keto Kara is ideal for someone who wants to lose weight, but doesn’t have a lot of time to exercise.
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Garcina Cambogia

Garcina Cambogia is a fruit found in the location of southwest India, Myanmar and Indonesia. It has been used by a wide range of people as a natural way to help with fat loss. The fruit works by blocking the body’s ability to make fat as well as surprising hunger. Taken as a pill, the fruit is also reported to increase serotonin in the body, making the individual sleep better and improve their overall well being.



Forskolin is a natural Indian plant extract that was originally used as a traditional herbal medicine to treat various diseases. The plant became more recognised for its weight loss benefits, however, when it was used on an American TV show in January 2014. The Plant extract has since become more popular in demand as time has gone on. Put simply, Forskolin works when taken regularly by stimulating the release of stored fat cells in the body. It must be stressed that this stimulation of fat cells will not result in fat loss alone without a person achieving regular calorie deficit. (i.e calories out must be greater than calories in)

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Curcumin is a yellow orange spice that is used for various health benefits such as treating inflammatory problems, improving brain function, lowering the risk of brain disease, lowering the risk of heart disease, preventing cancer, arthritis and helping with fat loss. The spice works well at aiding fat loss by suppressing fat tissue growth in the body. To gain effective use of this spice for fat loss an individual most also be under taking a calorie deficit.

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