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    Dance Fit Week 1

    Workout 1 | InstructorLive

    Leigh Linton is an award-winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and Body Transformation Specialist.

    She has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade and specialises in helping people to completely transform their body.

    Leigh’s style is uniquely upbeat, inspirational and motivating.

    Whether you are new to exercise or already at an advanced level, Leigh will help you achieve results beyond what you thought possible.

    This is the first video of 4 which will be uploaded the blog page each week.

    Here you will be able to follow Leigh’s routines each week and get yourself in great shape. 

    The beauty of these workout is that they can be done anywhere and at anytime!

    So what are you waiting for ladies?! Lets get started!  

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