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    The popularity of yoga practice has increased at an overwhelming rate over the past few years. A big number of people are considering and engaging in yoga practice due to the health benefits that its methods and techniques provide. Unfortunately, a majority of people don’t know the emotional and physical benefits that come about by practising yoga. In this article, we are going to look at various yoga practices and an overview of its major psychological and physical benefits.

    What is yoga?

    Yoga is a traditional Sanskrit word that means union, yoga refers to exercises and techniques that give you the ability to unite the mind, spirit, and body. You should note that yoga practices do not comprise of exercises only, in real sense exercises cover just a small part of it. The main benefit of the practice of yoga is that it leads to significant and profound changes in the entire life of an individual.

    Different Yoga For Beginners.

    1. Iyengar Yoga      This is a yoga practice that focuses solely on alignment as well as precise movement. Props are usually used such as straps and blocks as part yoga for beginners who can’t match the experts’ flexibility. In addition, props such as chairs, blocks, straps, and sandbag that are used during Iyengar yoga classes are essentially meant to assist in the accomplishment of various yoga poses comfortably. The yoga poses done puts emphasis on postural and anatomy alignment. Iyengar yoga is suitable for individuals who are experiencing neck and back pain.

    2. Hatha Yoga      This is another suitable yoga for beginners, which is gentle and slow paced a great place to start off for someone who is fresh in yoga. Hatha yoga poses are more similar to the above-discussed Iyengar yoga. But just like the other yoga for beginners, this one also aims at uniting the body, spirit, and mind.

    3. Ashtanga Yoga      Also referred to as power yoga and puts more focus on flowing powerful movement. Such yoga poses and movements include lunges and pushups, which deals with stamina and strength. Ashtanga yoga classes are best suited for individuals who are actively looking for methods to alleviate neck and back pains or injuries and those who are looking for a more challenging practice.

    4. Viniyoga      This yoga for beginners is done in ways that link up movement and breathe by of customized flowing exercises according to an individual preference. This is the best yoga for beginners especially for someone who is completely new in yoga classes. The yoga poses done in Viniyoga yoga classes are meant to give you strength, flexibility, and endurance.

    5. Sivananda Yoga      Sivananda yoga for beginners is the most traditional form of yoga and it is regarded as a moderate to gentle practice that puts more emphasis on the spiritual side. Sivananda yoga consists of Pilates, breathing exercises, sun salutation, chanting, and other twelve different core yoga poses. The teachings that you get during Sivananda yoga classes are based on five key percepts and they are believed to have the ability to improve your emotional and physical health wellbeing. The five key percepts are proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper diet, proper breathing, and positive meditation and thinking.      Top Benefits of Yoga

    What are the main benefits of yoga?

    This is a question that is asked by a big number of people of yoga beginners. Well, it is not possible to find a comprehensive explanation for this question because there are too many benefits of yoga. Below, you will find the most important yoga benefits that you can expect after starting off with yoga practice.

    1. Body Strength and Flexibility      Yoga practice can help you endure and move better. The yoga poses and exercises that you do during yoga classes make your body to become strong and remain more flexible. Achieving this form of flexibility reduces risks of injury, leads to a better posture and graceful moving way. This benefit is important to people who spend their time in offices or driving at rigid positions that restrict movement and posture.

    2. Complete Harmony      This is another benefit of yoga that aligns well with its primary goal, which is complete harmony. Those of us who have practiced yoga for a quite a while can confess that they have enjoyed metal, psycho-spiritual and physical harmony. Note that all the other life-changing yoga benefits should drive to this single benefit of yoga. It is through achievement of harmony that a person’s whole life is enhanced and modified. With harmony, you can be able to perform at your high level of productivity and respond positively to external and internal stimuli.

    3. Stress Management      Yoga is a powerful stress reliever a crucial benefit that most people get to enjoy when they enroll in yoga classes. The techniques that are used help you to relax and view stressors and life differently. Essentially, yoga encourages you to concentrate and focus on the technique or exercises, thus forgetting or pushing the stress away.

    4. Effective Way to Deal With Pain      Most people who discovered yoga as a beneficial practice to their lives were looking for means to handle and cope with chronic pain. You find that when you enroll in yoga classes you will be able to alleviate and cope well with any pain that you are experiencing either from chronic conditions or minor physical complications.

    5. Weight Loss     Performing yoga exercises helps you to shed a few pounds by reducing the excessive fat in your body. For those of us who have extra weight, yoga exercises and other techniques that you undergo in yoga classes can assist you to lose excess weight more easily and effortlessly. Those of us who are starting off with yoga are advised to be patient and wait for the results after certain duration of time. So, to enjoy the above-discussed benefits and more, enroll in yoga classes and start performing now.      To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that all yoga classes are good for your overall health especially if you learn under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor. Intricately, yoga is suitable for almost everyone as anyone has the ability to select yoga poses and postures which they will be comfortable with. In addition, those people who have physical problems or other forms of disabilities can opt for mental yoga such as Raja yoga. Join yoga classes today which are offered within your locality and start enjoying the above-discussed benefits.

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