How To Stay Active As You Age


In this article, we will be looking at how to stay active as you age.

Everybody knows that regular exercise is good for us. We’ve all heard the experts on TV telling us that we should exercise for a certain amount of time each week to stay healthy. We can all look back at our childhoods and remember the days spent running around outside. But what are the main reasons that many women stop exercising as they get older? Could it be down to just a lack of time or are there more reasons? Let’s take a look at the most common reasons:

Lack of money

Getting back into exercise again doesn't have to be hard! While a lack of money can be a stumbling block in terms of achieving your fitness goals it doesn't have to be! Okay, so you don’t have the money to join a gym? No problem. Go online! That’s right fire up your laptop, get changed into your gym gear and put on a fitness video. There are literally thousands of classes and fun exercise options for women on youtube that you can watch for free. As long as you have an internet connection you are ready. Turn your room into your own fitness studio each time you take up an online class. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at HomeLeslie Sansone’s Walk at Home,  jessicasmithtv, POPSUGAR Fitness and BeFit are all good videos to watch!


Let’s face it most of us work long hard hours. At the end of the day, we come home and feel exhausted. The last thing we want to do is start exercising. However, most people don’t understand that the fitter you become the more energy you actually have. Sure there will be an initial few weeks where it will be a real struggle. However, as your fitness levels go up you’ll find yourself feeling less tired and sleeping better. If you still feel tired after a few weeks you should ensure you go to bed 30 mins earlier each night, exercise in the mornings, adjust the intensity of your workouts and prepare your workouts at the start of each week. All these little things can ensure that you feel less tired during the day and have more energy to train!

Find exercise boring

It’s very easy for people to become stuck in a boring routine at the gym. Cardio runs on the treadmill followed by some work on the resistance machines can become tiresome very quickly. A great number of people either stop working out or don’t even start. This is simply because they find the whole gym routine boring. But getting back into exercise again doesn't have to be this way. Nowadays there are more ways than ever to keep active. In order to learn how to keep active as you age you should try mixing up your exercise options. Why not try some of the following activities. 

Fun exercise options for women

Take up hiking

Join an athletics club

Join a running club

Try yoga at home

Cycle outdoors on weekends

Take up indoor climbing or rock climbing

Try interval training in your local park (star jumps, burpees, sprints, pushups, situps) All can be done at your own pace

Sign up to an obstacle course

Join a local sports team

Sign up for 5 and 10K races

Learn a martial art

Don’t feel comfortable at the gym

A lot of women hate the idea of going to the gym. The whole idea of having people stare at them (particularly guys) freaks them out. I’ve had women tell me they hate the idea of training in front of guys who can see them sweating. Some women just don’t feel comfortable with their bodies and don’t want people noticing them. Other women get to the gym and think where do I start?! If you’re worried about people staring at you why not get a gym buddy? Ask a friend to start training with you. Training with a friend can very easily banish the anxiety you feel when you’re at the gym. You could also work with a personal trainer. Even one session with a PT can be brilliant for showing you how to use all the equipment. Another way you can start to feel comfortable about using the gym is to join a women’s only gym. At least you won’t have to look at any creepy guys!

Lack of time

This is probably the most common excuse that people give for staying away from the gym. I use the word excuse because I do not believe that a person doesn't have 30 mins a day spare to do some form of exercise. More often than not the lack of time excuse just means that a person is very busy and is not prepared to sacrifice any of their ‘me’ time. But getting back into exercise again doesn't require large amounts of time. Could you go for a run at lunchtime? or wake up 30 mins earlier and do some intense workouts online at home? Maybe you can walk more instead of taking the car or better yet, start cycling to work. Make sure you schedule your days better to make time for exercise. There are lots of little things we can do free up our time. Often just taking a moment to plan the day can result in us finding a spare 30 mins that can be used to burn off some calories!

We hope that this article has shown you how to stay active as you age and given you a few fun exercise options for women. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below and we will respond.