Natural Treatments That Stop Yeast Infections

This article looks focuses on natural treatments that stop yeast infections and answers the common question; How can I treat a yeast infection from home?

All About Yeast infections

A Yeast infection is a fungal infection mainly on the mucous membrane or the skin caused by Candida Albicans which is part of the microorganisms that live in our bodies. It is commonly found in the Vagina, GItract, and mouth. When it outgrows beyond its appropriate portion in our bodies, it leads to infections. Some of these infections include; urinary tract infections, genital yeast infections, oral thrush and mucocutaneous candidiasis.

How is yeast infections caused?

Candida Albicans is the most common cause of all yeast infections. There are also some other Candida strains that can be involved, a good example is a case being Mucocutaneous candidiasis. In many of the instances, Candida Albicans will cause yeast infections to develop when it grows beyond the control of the body. Like for the case of Genital Yeast infections, the bacteria, Lactobacillus, keeps Candida Albicans at an inappropriate level. However, when Lactobacillus fails, Candida Albicans outgrows hence causing Genital Yeast infection.

Other entities that will put you at the risk of getting a yeast infection include;

-You are suffering from diabetes
-You have taken antibiotics
-A medical device has been inserted into your urinary tract
-You are suffering from any disease that weakens your immune system
-Individuals who are taking oral contraceptive

Kindly note that any of the above may put you at risk of getting a yeast infection.

What are the symptoms of yeast infections?

There are specific symptoms for each set yeast infections which are as follows;

1. Urinary Yeast infection

They often occur at the lower parts of the urinary tract. Sometimes they can go up to the kidneys. The main symptoms are;

-A great desire to urinate
-Abdominal pain
-Pain when urinating
-Presence of blood in the urine

2. Genital Yeast infection

This is common among females. However, it can also affect the male genitals.

Its common symptoms are;

-Burning feeling when urinating or having sex
-Itchy feeling around your vagina
-Irritation around the vagina
-Rash common in the vagina
-Discharge from the vagina
-Swelling on the vagina

3. Oral Yeast infection

This often occurs in the mouth and can spread to the esophagus. Its common symptoms are;
-White spots around your mouth
-Pain feeling in the mouth
-The appearance of redness in your mouth

4. Mucocutaneous candidiasis yeast infection

This affects your mucous membrane and skin and often takes place in warm sweaty parts of the body. Examples include the groin, armpits or skin. Its main symptoms are;

- Presence of red rashes around the affected areas
- Blisters may appear in the infected areas
- There might be the production of a white substance by the skin

Can yeast infections go away on their own?

It depends on how severe the yeast infection is. A mild yeast infection may take about three days to clear, however, a severe infection can take about three weeks to remove. However, it is always advisable to treat any yeast infection. Failure to manage a yeast infection may result in the disease coming back.

How common are yeast infections?

Yeast infections are not rare. They have a moderate probability of occurring in people's lives. For example, the genitals yeast infection is said to affect around 75% of women. Remember, the genitals yeast infections are the most common of all the yeast infections.

How can I treat a yeast infection from home?

Below are some natural treatments that stop yeast infections.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is typical for its antifungal properties. It has been found out through research that it can kill some yeast fungi. Some women have reported success in using this oil to treat Genital Yeast infections. It is advisable to be cautious as you use this oil. There are also individuals who are also allergic to the oil.

Natural yogurt

Pure yogurt that does not include additives can be used to bring a balance in the bacteria in the vagina caused by yeast infections. You can insert the yogurt into your vagina for the case of genitals yeast infection.

Coconut oil

It has properties to treat yeast infections. It can be applied externally or internally to reduce symptoms.


It is widely known for its rare medicinal properties to cure a variety of sickness. Some of these infections are yeast infections. Eating garlic may not bring healing but it can if you take it internally.

Oregon oil

Wild Oregon is commonly known to have the ability to hinder the growth of Candida Albicans. You can consider it to treat some yeast infections.

Medical based remedies

Treatments administered over the counter
Have some antifungal creams bought over the bar from your local pharmacies and drugstore?

Boric Acid

These capsules are common for treating vaginal yeast infection. The tablets are called Vaginal Boric Acid capsules. Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend 600mg of Boric acid to for application in the vagina. Consider consulting the doctor before you purchase Boric Acid Capsules.

Probiotics supplements

This one is often formulated to restore bacterial balance, especially in the vagina. You obtain them from the local pharmacies. They are those that are made specifically for treating genitals yeast infections.

If you have tried all these remedies and you still have a yeast infection you may benefit from looking into the Yeast Infection No More program. It is a five steps medical program for healing Candida Albicans outgrowth that has perfected through twelve years of research. Linda Allen, an accredited nutritionist, and the author is the one who has developed this program whose proof are lots of testimonials to prove from satisfied customers. You do not have to give up and live with that yeast infection. Enroll for Yeast Infection No More program.


We hope you have all the information you need to know regarding yeast infections. We also hope you now know all the natural treatments that stop yeast Infections.  Please remember that when the disease is severe you should always seek medical advice and bypass any home remedies. Try to always take measures to prevent yeast infections from occurring. Remember prevention is better than cure. You can do away with yeast infections once and for all!