Using Affirmations For Weight Loss

We've all been told just how powerful the mind is, but did you know that the mind affects your actions far more than any other physical part of your body? With this in mind, we've decided to dive a little deeper into the topic of affirmations and look at how talking to yourself daily can have a positive effect on our lives. An affirmation is a short statement that you make either out loud or inwards to yourself. An affirmation affects both the conscious and the subconscious mind so that in turn, they affect our behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and environment.

Affirmations help to bring up mental images in the mind which help to inspire and motivate us. As well as this, they can also help to keep us on track with our goals, help us to stay positive, lead us to make positive behavior changes and help us to reprogram the subconscious mind. Affirmations also make you consciously aware of your own thoughts. Forcing yourself to consciously think positive thoughts through statements make it easier to control the negative ones that are lingering in your subconscious

When you consistently make positive affirmations and start talking to yourself daily, we activate a section of the brain known as the reticular activating system (RLS). This part of the brain is made up of a group of nerves that filters out unnecessary information so that the important stuff gets through. When we repeat statements of our intentions, we effectively teach our RLS that this topic is important to us. This results in our complex brain filtering out any information that's not helpful to our goal and brings the important information to the front of our conscious mind. An example of this would be to take the affirmation of "I am finding fun ways of losing weight". The next time you are reading the newspaper or watching the news and a video of a person rock climbing appears your RLS will kick into action. You will immediately think to yourself that looks like a cool way of getting exercise and losing weight. Maybe I’ll try rock climbing. The more meaningful the affirmation is to you personally the more efficient it is at working.

Affirmations can also work in another way. When you use affirmations and start talking to yourself daily about things that you simply know aren't true one of two things happens. Either you stop using the affirmation and stop talking to yourself daily because you know it’s simply not true or you act to ensure that you move closer to the very thing that you are stating. You do this because you don’t feel comfortable repeating things to yourself that you know aren't true. Taking action so that you believe your affirmations makes you feel good because you know you are not lying to yourself anymore.

Using affirmations for weight loss is a wonderful tool to help you achieve great things. Affirmations can lead us to live happier healthier lives. That being said, they don’t always work. There are several reasons why your affirmations don’t work. Let’s look at these reasons below in more detail:

You don’t want them to be true.
For an affirmation to work for you you have to really want it to come true. Not kind of want it but really want it. Saying things like, “I am going to lose weight” won’t work if you don’t really want to lose weight. The affirmation is pointless because you'll never take action.

You’re using too many affirmations.
Coming up with 100 affirmations that you repeat to yourself daily sounds great, but, you'll more than likely just confuse your subconscious mind. Trying to do to much is one of the most common reasons why affirmations don’t come true. Stick to a few of the most important affirmations for a greater chance of success.

You aren't practicing your affirmations enough.  Using an affirmation once in the morning won’t help you to achieve your goals. You need to say each affirmation about 5 times and practice these 3 times each day. Morning, lunchtime and evening are perfect times. Looking in a mirror whilst using your affirmations helps to create a more meaningful and powerful reaction to your affirmations.

You aren't making them personal enough. If you don’t have a personal connection to your affirmations, you’re less likely to take the action necessary to make them come true. Creating an affirmation that is specific to your problem will help you connect better and it will give you a greater chance of success.

People have been using affirmations for a great many more things than just weight loss. Affirmations have been used for thousands of years to create change and success in many aspects of people’s lives. Some of the most common affirmations that are being used are:

  • I am grateful for the good things in my life
  • I am letting go of all my worries and fears
  • I believe in myself. I have the ability to succeed
  • I am willing to step out of my comfort zone
  • I love myself, respect myself, and accept myself exactly as I am
  • I am releasing all the negative emotions from my system
  • I accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life
  • I deserve to be happy and loved

How to use affirmations for weight loss.

Before you use your statements you'll first need to ensure that you know how to use affirmations for weight loss correctly. To begin with, decide on your statements and then write them down correctly. When writing down your affirmations be sure to write them in the present tense format. The words “I am” are the two most powerful words in the English language.  When we start an affirmation with “I am” we are sending a signal to the brain telling it that we already have what we want. Following on from this we need to make sure that our affirmations are of a positive nature. So many times, in life we use negative affirmations without even realising. We say things out loud like “I’m never going to fall in love again", or “I always meet the wrong person” We then wonder why our bad luck continues! Be sure to keep the affirmations positive.

After you’ve ensured that your affirmation is of a positive nature be sure that you are using affirmations for weight loss in the present. Using affirmations like “ I am going to lose weight in 2 months” isn’t a great example because you’re effectively telling yourself that you are still two months away from your ideal weight. Use your affirmations to create an inner experience of having what you desire right now. “I am losing weight” is a perfect example.

Finally, make sure your affirmations are written in a language that makes sense to you. Use words and phrases that are typical of your own personal way of thinking and speaking. Failure to do this can cause confusion. Remember that you are writing these affirmations for yourself and no one else so use language that has the biggest impact on your psyche. Once you’ve come up with your affirmations and have written them down be sure to practice saying them over and over again. Repetition is key. Aim to say each affirmation at least 5 times in the morning, lunchtime and evening. Be consistent as well. Make sure you do this every day without fail. The more consistent you are the better off you'll be.

If you’ve found this topic of using affirmations for weight loss interesting and would like to learn a bit more about how to use affirmations for weight loss then you can download your free copy of Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions to Everyday Life.