Weight Loss For Different Body Types

In this article, we focus on weight loss for different body types.

Have you ever taken the time to learn about the type of body that you have?The reason why I ask the question is that the type of body that you have can have a direct effect on the action you need to take for weight loss.

All women's bodies are unique in some way, but fundamentally, they can all be categorised under one of four main types.

Hour Glass

Women with an hourglass body type have hip and bust measurements nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist. When women with this body type gain weight it is evenly distributed, noticeable in the face and around the knees. To maintain their hourglass figure women should incorporate some full-body toning exercises into their routine. Aim for at least two 45 minute sessions per week. Women with this body type are at a higher risk of popping out a little bit too much, especially in the thighs and upper arms. Toning exercises will ensure that the hourglass shape is kept that way. The best exercises for your shape include fast walking and slow jogging with no incline, jumping jacks, swimming for distance and stationary cycling with light resistance. It is recommended that women with this body type eat a lot of lean protein and lots of leafy green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli, and cabbage

This body shape describes a woman who has larger hip measurements in comparison to her bust measurements. This is due to the way the body stores excess fat. Any weight gained gets stored on the sides of the upper thighs, hips, and bum. Women with pear-shaped bodies often find losing weight frustrating because the areas where their body holds onto the fat are often the last places it lets go of it. This can mean that it takes longer to lose the desired weight. Regardless of this, weight loss is still possible provided you are determined enough. It is important to remember that if you have a wide pelvis, you will still have wide hips after slimming down. You can't change the body's bone structure. Your body will always be this shape even after weight loss. A great way of burning fat with a pear shape body is by using circuit training. This combines cardio and resistance training in one high-intensity workout. You can also aim to lose the fat around your hips and thighs, and replace it with lean muscle mass. Remember that fat takes up more room than muscle. Performing squats and lunges will help to ensure that your pear-shaped body appears slimmer as you turn the fat into lean muscle. To do this you'll need to consume a diet rich in protein.

Women with an apple body shape have broader shoulders and bust in comparison to their hips.They normally carry most of their weight around their belly area and have a slimmer lower body. The extra fat stored in the stomach can cause inflammation in the body, and that inflammation increases the risk of developing diseases like diabetes or heart disease. For optimum results with weight loss, aim to consume carbohydrate-containing foods that are less likely to cause large increases in blood sugar levels. This particular diet is called the GI diet or the low inflammation diet. Check out the chart below for examples of foods low in GI ratings. A study by the journal of diabetes research showed that high-intensity interval training is best for removing abdominal fat in women.

Banana (Straight)
This body type is generally described as a straight figure. A women's waist is slightly smaller than the equal bust and hips. Any gained body fat normally gets added to the stomach area. Women with this body type who are looking to lose weight would benefit most from consuming a diet with high-quality protein like chicken, beans, complex carbs like fruits, non-starchy vegetables, and brown rice. Good omega 3 sources like salmon, flaxseed oil, olive oil help you to burn more body fats. Long and sustained aerobic exercise is best advised to burn body fat. For women who are looking to add some extra curves to their body strength training can help to create curves and definition by building muscle. Aim for around three weight-training sessions each week with low reps and heavier weights. This will help tone and shape the body.

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