Weight Loss With Bodyweight Exercises

We talked a lot in my last email about how frequently long cardio sessions can hinder your weight loss efforts.  I also mentioned how short, intense, HIIT sessions are better for whipping you into shape and burning lots of calories.  I wanted to provide you with a little bit more information today on how exercising with your own bodyweight alone can help you to lose weight.
Exercising with your own bodyweight as resistance instead of machines or gym equipment is often underestimated. Bodyweight exercises have stood the test of time as an effective stand-alone workout. Thousands of years ago people were achieving great amounts of weight loss with bodyweight exercises alone. With the development of fancy gym equipment, most people have now moved away from bodyweight training. Nevertheless, you can still burn lots of calories, lose weight and get stronger by using your own bodyweight as resistance.
Here are a few of the benefits of bodyweight exercises:

You can do them anywhere. 

The great thing about these exercises is that you can perform them in your own living room if you wanted to. Bodyweight exercises only require a small amount of space to perform. This means that you don't have to worry about heading out in the cold to the gym. They can be done from the comfort of your own home!

They cost nothing.

Once you have learned how to perform correctly all of the bodyweight exercises you will never have to pay someone again to perform them. This means that you can start creating your own bodyweight sessions anytime you want and you can cancel your gym membership.

You can do them at any time. 

The freedom of being able to perform your bodyweight exercises anywhere means that you can do them at any time. There are no closing times with bodyweight exercises. You can do them at 4am or at 4pm whenever you feel up to it.

They help to burn fat.

Research has proven how efficient weight loss with bodyweight exercises can be. Exercising with your own bodyweight is proven to help you burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate. That being said, you will need to ensure that the exercises are intense enough to get you into the fat burning zone. To ensure this, you will need to perform HIIT circuit training sessions using bodyweight exercises.

They act as a form of cardio.
Performing intense bodyweight exercises is a great way of improving your cardio levels. Combining different types of bodyweight exercises back to back acts as an excellent way of strengthening your heart and lungs. You will never need to go on a long run again.

They act as a full body exercise.
Bodyweight exercises work the whole body from the back, legs, arms, chest, bum and stomach. Unlike resistance machines that only target one part of the body, bodyweight exercises work multiple parts in conjunction.

They improve your balance.
Make no mistake about it there are certain bodyweight exercises that are difficult to perform. Have you have tried to do a one armed plank? Certain bodyweight exercises require a great amount of balance to execute. Having said that, with practice and commitment you will master each exercise and increase your balance as a result.

They increase your flexibility.
There are many different kinds of bodyweight exercises that force you to engage your body and force all of your muscles and joints to go through a full range of motions. This ultimately leads to you becoming more flexible the more you practice each exercise.

They never get boring.
With so many different ways of exercising with your own bodyweight that the chances of you getting bored are slim. Not only are there lots of different variations of exercises to choose from, but you can also have an unlimited number of ways to combine each exercise to form a circuit training session.

I've been using a system known as bodyweight Burn for the past 4 months as a way to stay strong, burn calories and improve my flexibility. Before I used this system I'd spend hours in the gym each week in a bid to lose weight.

At the end of each week, I'd feel exhausted and not really be any stronger or leaner. I knew that I was doing something wrong, but had no idea of what it was. It wasn't until I approached a woman in the gym that I started to get answers. Although the name of the woman escapes me now, I remember seeing her each morning performing a set of particular exercises on a mat. At first I thought she was just doing yoga, but the more I saw her the more I sensed that this was something different. The woman was in her 50's and had the most incredible body for a woman of her age. She was lean, athletic and flexible.

I remember approaching her and asking her how she managed to stay in shape without ever doing any cardio. Do you have a really, really healthy diet? I asked her. She actually just smiled and explained that she had been performing a particular set of exercises in sequence for the last 5 years several times a week which had kept her in shape. She went on to explain that provided she ate a reasonably healthy diet, she could perform these exercises with just her body weight as resistance and stay lean and strong. I was blown away by this and wanted to know me. The lady explained that she had been following a system online known as Bodyweight Burn. She explained that people have been training with just there bodyweight for thousands of years and that the system of Bodyweight Burn was nothing new. It's just that it had now been made public on the internet.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to look into the system further and was pleasantly surprised by what I read. I've provided some details for you below on the system.

The system of Bodyweight Burn was created by fitness trainer and fitness nutrition writer Adam Steer. Adam got the inspiration to create the system from studying the training routines of gymnasts. Adam noticed after hours and hours of watching these gymnasts that they NEVER used weights to train and relied only on their own bodyweight to stay in shape all year round. Adam decided to conduct even more research into bodyweight exercises and eventually used his findings to not only whip himself and his wife into fantastic shape but to also create the system of Bodyweight Burn.

Bodyweight Burn works by teaching you how to use a variety of bodyweight exercises in sequence for a duration of no more than 21 minutes to burn fat, improve flexibility and increase body strength. The system is split into three sections, Cardioflow, Afterburners, and Metabolic-Muscle Sessions. Cardioflow has been designed for beginners or people who have a lower level of cardio fitness. The exercises are based more on having fun. The Metabolic-Muscle Session teaches you exercises that increase the strength of your muscles so that you burn more calories throughout the day. The Afterburners session teaches you a series of exercises that you can do to ensure that you burn body fat for 24-48 hours after you finish your workout by boosting your metabolism. The exercises in this section from part of HIIT sessions.

There is a different workout scheduled each day with a different meal plan for that day. The meal plans are excellent in the sense that they're not too strict. They consist of low carb days, cheat days (where you can eat lot's of carbs), normal carb days, fasting day (there are only a few of these days) and free days where there are no real commitments. The meal plans are structured in a way that ensures that you are getting enough fuel for your workouts, but at the same time not overeating.

Over the last few months, I've been taking some notes on the system and have divided them into the Pros and Cons.


  1. You can do the weight loss with bodyweight exercises anywhere at anytime
  2. You don't have to use a gym
  3. The workouts are easy to follow online
  4. Good meal plans to follow
  5. Workouts are only 21 minutes in duration
  6. Provided you stick to the workouts you can achieve excellent weight loss results
  7. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee


  1. Some of the workouts take a bit of time to get right
  2. It requires commitment and effort
  3. Supplements are recommended to be taken (but not essential)

I have found the system so beneficial. In the space of just a few months, I have lost 7lbs of weight and become stronger and more flexible. I have shown my girlfriend and other family members how to use this system as well. I continue to use these exercises each week and although I have not quit the gym completely, I only use it a couple of times per month. The best thing about the Bodyweight Burn system is that you will never have to use a gym again if you take the time to learn the exercises. You can perform them in your house at any time. The fact that the exercise classes are only 21 minutes has also meant that I've now got so much extra time to spend with my loved ones. If you're looking at finding a way to get fit and lose weight in the least amount of time possible, then I couldn't recommend this system highly enough. Be warned it will take hard work and commitment but it's well worth the effort. You can get access here to Bodyweight Burn.

Bodyweight Burn is for any age and fitness level. If you are already in a workout training program this can be a supplement to your training if you don't want to quit the gym.  Because I think that you will benefit from the Bodyweight Burn I have attached your very own free Bodyweight Burn starter kit for you to read. The attached kit will introduce you to the system and get you moving.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. Remember to take action right away and don't miss out on this system. It's so easy to read this then forget about it. I wouldn't want you to miss out on these weight loss with bodyweight exercises.

Grant Nichol
Founder of Health And Fitness For Women