Why Are So Many People Depressed Today?


Research has shown that depression is on the rise and is most commonly found in western countries. We often assume that people would be happier living in a secure country with job opportunities and a better quality of life. It turns out that it's actually quite the opposite. We take a look at some of the most common reasons for depression below:

Unfulfilled High Expectations.
Have you ever heard the expression the more you get in life the more you want? Well, it's actually true. We have an expectation in western countries of having the perfect car, the perfect house, having 2 kids, going away twice a year to sunny countries, having an amazing body, perfect health and living in bliss. The reality is most people never achieve all of these things. As this reality dawns on us we can feel a great sense of despair and sadness.

Dating Apps.
Dating apps such as Tinder can be used and benefited in many ways. There is no doubt that people have found lasting love and made great friends by using dating apps. The reality is, however, more often than not people are left feeling fed up and exhausted by the whole online dating process. I remember very well my own personal experience on dating sites. I would get a match with a girl I thought was stunning and spend an hour thinking of a clever message to send only to find out that she hadn't read my message or bothered to reply.  This would make me feel dejected, but I would continue looking online for the 'next one' only to have the same process occur again. Sometimes I would even ignore a message I received on my quest for the perfect girl and then feel terrible about it after. Most people end up deleting their dating accounts wondering why they ever bothered. As a result of their failed effects, they feel pissed off and sad wondering how they are going to find love.

Social Media.
Logging on to Facebook and Instagram to see your friends having a wonderful time and living the perfect life can have a negative effect on our wellbeing. Sure we want the best for our friends and family, but we also want the best for ourselves first! When we are not reaching our goals or living the life we aspire to seeing your friends having fun can cause us to feel helpless and upset.


Poor Relationships.
When relationships with friends and loved ones fail to match up to our expectations we feel a deep sense of sadness. People who feel powerless to change a broken relationship often report feelings of depression. When people also fail to have a support network of friends and family to confide in when times at tough they often report feeling low and depressed. A study has revealed that people who are caught in an abusive relationship were more likely to contemplate suicide. Being in a toxic relationship also lowers your self-esteem which can lead to depression. Another study has shown that 60% of people who are depressed have stated that poor relationships with others was the reason.

Broken Homes.
It is reported that as many as 40% of children growing up in American today are being raised without fathers. Further to this, reports suggest that teenagers who grow up without a father are 300% more likely to experience phycological problems. Not having your family together, having to listen to your parent's bad mouth each other and fight can cause depression in youngsters which is then often are taken into adulthood.

With the modern-day pace of life being at an all-time high more and more people are taking time off work due to stress. Studies have shown that chronic stress can cause us to feel depressed and helpless. People that have been suffering from ongoing stress often report the symptoms of depression. Ongoing stress can cause relationships to break down, personal performances to dwindle, sleep problems and consistent bad moods in a person. All of these factors can cause depression.