Yoga Benefits For Women

According to a recent report held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Yoga and Meditation are now thought to be used by 14% of all adults. It appears that the practice of Yoga has never been more popular than it is at this present moment, particularly among women.

The pace of modern day life can often bring stress and tension to an individual. More and more people are seeking a balanced lifestyle and recognize the importance of taking time out from their hectic schedules.

Yoga’s unique connection between body and mind offers a person a chance to let go of their stresses and learn about their inner self. To attain a calm and peaceful life yoga needs to be practiced regularly and formed as a habit.

If you have dabbled with the idea of getting into Yoga before, but never fully committed, you’ll be encouraged to learn that there are a huge number of health benefits gained from regular practice.  We have provided a list below of some of the most common health benefits for you to consider:

Improves your flexibility

The practice of yoga involves a person having to bend, twist and form a number of poses. With all these twists and poses being performed regularly the body becomes more and more flexible over time. A person that is established in yoga will often comment on how much more motion and flexibility they have in comparison to when they first started Yoga.

Perfects your posture

Yoga is a fantastic way to improve bad posture. Stretching and straightening the back and stomach will help reverse the bad effects caused by sitting all day. A large number of people who are required to sit all day at work are suffering from bad posture. Taking up Yoga will help improve back pain and posture.

It boosts your sex life

If this isn’t an incentive to take up Yoga then we don’t know what is! Yes, yoga can actually make orgasms stronger and increase your sex drive. The yoga practice of Mula Bandha involves using lots of kegals (pelvic-floor exercises) which help strengthen your pubococcygeal (PC) muscle. This is one of the muscles that contract during orgasm. You have a greater chance of orgasming with stronger PC muscles.

Improves the health of your bones

Weight training and running can play havoc on your knees and joints. More and more people are taking to Yoga as an alternative way to exercise and gain health benefits. In a study published in 2009 it showed that only 8 to 10 minutes of daily yoga resulted in increased bone density in the spine and hips of patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

It can help you lose weight

The mental and spiritual aspects of yoga focus on developing mindfulness. Once a person had developed a greater sense of mindfulness they have a greater awareness of the best foods to avoid. It is this improvement in deciding which foods to avoid that will lead to overall weight loss.

Menopause benefits

Many women have found that practicing regular yoga can reduce the side effects of menopause, including hot flashes, fatigue, and hot sweats. A specific pose and type of yoga that is particularly well suited for menopausal women is Easy Pose (Sukhasana) This is a perfect pose to help stabilize the fluctuation of hormones.