The Thinnest City In The World

Did you know there was a little Greek island called Icaria that was nicknamed the thinnest city on earth? Believe it or not, it's occupants often eat fatty food late at night as part of their Mediterranean diet.
Intrigued, I decided to look a little more into this and discovered an interesting little book entitled Eat The Fat Off.
The Book was created by a guy called John Rowley who had spent large parts of his life on diets without ever really losing any significant weight.
That was until John discovered the island of Icaria and the dietary habits of the occupants of the Greek island.
The book one of the best weight loss programs available for all those individuals who want to lose weight healthily and stay slim for a more extended period.
The author talks about how eating certain foods at night produces a thinning enzyme in the body that fuels weight loss.
As well as this, the simple little guidebook walks you by the hand through your weight loss journey. You’ll discover the fatty foods and enzymatic-boosting foods you should eat (especially at night!) to lose weight fast.

The book stresses the fact that people should forget about starving themselves and not be counting grams of fat or worrying about eating out. You can learn more about it here.