Green Coffee Beans For Fat Loss

In this short article, we look a the benefits of green coffee beans for fat loss as well as the other health benefits.

What is green coffee? Green coffee bean extract comes from coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. The taste can be described as a bitter woody taste that is very distinctive. Unroasted coffee beans contain compounds known as chlorogenic acids. It is these compound's antioxidants that effects and help with weight loss.

The high content of chlorogenic acids found in the unroasted beans helps melt the unwanted fat found in the body. When ingested the acids keep glucose absorption in the body down to a minimum, which in turn helps reduce weight. As well as aiding with weight loss green coffee extract is also reported to potentially help with the following:

High Blood Pressure: Evidence that green coffee can lower blood pressure started when a Japanese 2006 study revealed that green coffee extract prescribed at 140 mg per day for 12 weeks reduced the systolic blood pressure by 5 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 3 mmHg in mildly hypertensive adults. A further study in 2016 also showed how the extract can help fight obesity by lowering the accumulation of body fat.

Alzheimer's: Animal studies carried at in a 2012 study in Nutritional Neuroscience,  show that green coffee may improve brain functioning as well as mood. According to the study the antioxidative properties of green coffee extract helped retain normal brain metabolism in mice compared to mice who were not given the extract. Declines in brain metabolism are key indicators of Alzheimer's risk. More studies have to be carried on this subject, however.

Diabetes: A  study revalued on the website revalued that the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans was found to affect the body's glucose levels found in the blood. In the study, participants who received a high dose of GCE (400 mg) saw the highest drop in blood glucose levels. A further study revalued the benefits of consuming around 3 -4 cups of coffee per day with high amounts of chlorogenic acid content. The results show that the risk of type 2 diabetes was reduced by 30%.

Side effects: Before taking green coffee extract you should be aware of the possible side effects. Although not common, possible side effects can include headaches, upset stomach, restlessness, insomnia and anxiety. Please note that these symptoms are linked with the caffeine present in the coffee beans.

Recommended dosage: There is no currently no recommended daily amount for green coffee beans. Green coffee bean supplements are available in many different chlorogenic acid strengths. For effective and safe dosages based on the available research is as follows:

  1. 10% Chlorogenic Acid Supplement: 1200-3000mg daily
  2. 20% Chlorogenic Acid Supplement: 600-1500mg daily
  3. 50% Chlorogenic Acid Supplement: 240-600mg daily

Does it work? A 2011 review in the journal Gastroenterology Research and Practice revealed that green coffee bean extract lowered body weight more significantly than a placebo in three studies undertaken. The average weight loss recorded was about 5.5 pounds. Researchers noted the poor quality of the studies however and suggested that more research be done before recommending the extract for weight loss.

You can learn more about green coffee beans for fat loss here.