How To Stay Motivated On A Diet


How to stay motivated on a diet is a common question asked by many individuals. Let's face it losing weight can be tricky at the best of times.

People often start off with the best of intentions but find themselves giving in to temptations halfway through their diet.

If you're one of these people you may find some of the tips below useful 🙂

  • Use a pic of a time when you felt at your ideal weight for inspiration
  • Take weekly pics of the scales to show your weight reduction
  • Tell your friends, colleagues and family about your diet plans. If that's not added incentive to stick to a diet I don't know what is!?
  • Write a list of reasons as to why you should lose weight. Look back on them to remind yourself.
  • Think of a time when you’ve stuck to a challenging goal in the past. Remind yourself you can do it again with your diet.
  • Work to a deadline date in a calendar. Sticking to a plan can help with motivation and organization.
  • Arrange for a photoshoot to be done at a future date. Another bit of added incentive to get in great shape.
  • Book a holiday or a trip at a place where you will be wearing a bikini. Think of how you will look in a bikini once you've lost those unwanted pounds.
  • Use a pic of a person/celeb who’s body you want to have. Use this as inspiration. Remember celebs are human too and they have to struggle to get in shape as well.

  • Write a list of ways you’re life will be better once you’ve lost the weight (keep this list in a place where you can see it)
  • Think about the people in your life that have ever told you you couldn't achieve something. (Are you ready to prove them wrong?)
  • Think of why you are worth the sacrifice and struggle of dieting. List the reasons why you’re special and deserve self-respect. Look back on them as you progress through your diet.
  • Throw out all bad foods in your house that are not part of your diet or helpful in your weight loss quest. Avoid temptation by removing it from your fridge!
  • Order a big shopping list of healthy food that can see you through the course of your diet. This way you won't have to keep popping to the shops to pick up food. You will avoid all the temptations that you see at shopping markets.
  • Arrange to meet your friends somewhere away from temptations. Instead of meeting your friends at a bar, club, ice cream cafe or coffee shop meet them somewhere where you know you won't to tempted to break your diet.

I hope you can use some of the above tips to help keep you motivated the next time you find dieting a challenge. If you would like some more tips on how to stay motivated on a diet feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you.