Weight Loss Without Going To The Gym

If you want to achieve weight loss quickly you should be looking at sorting out your diet and getting at least 2-3 sessions per week of moderate to intense exercise. That being said, some people really, really hate the Gym. Are you one of these people? I totally get it if you are. If this is you and you're not going to commit to the gym there are still things you can do to ensure weight loss without going to the gym.
Here are a few little tips for you.
Walk More.
If you're not going to the gym and don't plan on running make sure you walk as much as possible. Try to walk to as many places as you can for at least 30 mins per day. When you walk be conscious to pick up the pace and intensity. Whenever possible incorporate hills in your walks. Walking up a steep hill at a good pace will help you burn calories at a faster rate.
Regular deep meditation improves self-awareness which can help you beat your food cravings. When you become more self-aware you will be more inclined to stop yourself from eating that cake or packet of crisps. You will find yourself thinking more along the lines of "you know what, this is really bad for my weight loss goals. I'm going to put this cake down and drink a glass of water instead". Furthermore, meditation helps create an emotional balance wish is excellent for tackling overeating caused by hormonal imbalances.
Sleep More.
Have you ever had a really bad night's sleep or had to get up super early without getting your full quota of sleep? I know I have and I know that I'm always more hungry when I get less sleep. This is because a lack of sleep has been proven to increase hunger cravings and weight gain. A study held by Laval University in Quebec City revealed that if you aren’t getting enough sleep you have a 30 percent higher risk of becoming obese. This resulted in an average weight gain of five pounds.
Sit back and take the time to work out what stresses you out.
If you're not going to commit to going to the gym or running you'll going to want to manage your stress levels ASAP. This should be a priority for everyone, but it's a little easier when you work out because you have the opportunity to burn off all of the stress hormones that have built up. In essence, intense workouts give you a release mechanism. When you're not working out and start to feel stressed those feelings can manifest into anxiety, and this can affect your weight loss regimen. By working out what's stressing you and then planning ways to manage and avoid stress you stand a much better chance of reaching your goals.
If you hate running and hate the gym, why not try dancing? This can be a great way to burn calories.
In a study conducted by the University of Brighton in England, it was found that dancing for an hour can burn anywhere from 200 and 600 calories. Furthermore, it was also found to build strength and increase flexibility.
Have more sex.
Sex can be classified as a form of exercise! And like any physical activity, it burns calories. Reports show that you can burn around 200 calories for a 30-minute session. When you combine a healthy sex life with plenty of walks you can still burn plenty of calories each week without having to sweat in the gym.
Here are just things you can do to help you with your weight loss goals.
If you want some more tips on weight loss without going to the gym please get in contact with us.